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Gdansk Mennonite Church

The former Mennonite Church in Gdansk, which now serves a Pentecostal congregation. The Mennonite-Polish Friendship Association placed a commemorative plaque in this building in 1991, which reads,

"With thanks to God and in grateful memory of our friends in this area: For providing a homeland for Mennonites for more than four centuries. For granting religious toleration when religious persecution was common. For restoring this church, built in 1819, but badly damaged in World War II. For seeking to overcome the tragedies of war, flight and expulsion with love and reconciliation."

The former Mennonite Church in Elblag, now used by the Polish National Catholic Church. This structure was built in 1900.

The Thiensdorf Mennonite Church, located in present-day Jezioro, is now used as a storage building.

This former Mennonite Church in Matawy (formerly Montau) now is used by the local Catholic parish.

The former Mennonite Church in Nieszawka (Obernessau) today serves a small Catholic parish. The building is situated south of the Vistula River, about two kilometers west of the highway bridge that crosses the Vistula at Torun.

This structure, built in 1864, served the Mennonite congregation in Deutsch Wymysle, now Nowe Wymysle. It was used as a house of worship until 1945. Today it is used for storage purposes.

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