California Mennonite Historical Society

2002 Annual Meeting

Saturday, April 13, 2002
Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary
4824 E. Butler Ave.
Fresno, California

Rudy P. Friesen
"Tensions, Twists and Turns:
The Unfolding Drama of Mennonite Architecture in Russia/Ukraine, 1789-2002"

Rudy P. Friesen, the founding partner of Friesen Tokar Architects in Winnipeg, Manitoba, first became interested in the Russian Mennonite story while listening to the recollections of his parents who immigrated from Russia to Canada in 1926. He has traveled to Russia and Ukraine more than fifteen times since 1978, and has served as a resource leader on all eight Mennonite Heritage Cruises. During these travels, Friesen has documented hundreds of historic buildings still remaining in former Mennonite colonies, and has written and lectured extensively on Russian Mennonite architecture. He is the author of Into the Past: Buildings of the Mennonite Commonwealth (Raduga Publications, 1996). Friesen has also directed the renovation and restoration of the former girls school in Halbstadt, now the Mennonite Center in Molochansk, and is currently architect for the Mennonite Family Center in Zaporizhzhe.

Schedule of Events

Genealogical workshop led by Alan Peters
"Degrees of Connection: Recording the Things We Remember"
(Manitoba Room, MBBS)

Dinner in the B.C. Lounge at MBBS, followed by a brief business meeting.
This year's dinner will be prepared by Jane Friesen.

Program in the MBBS Chapel, featuring Rudy P. Friesen

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